SSG Manuel Puentes Middle School

To the TSNO local chapter let me say “Thank You” for the honor of representing TSNO-19 for Texas School Nurse of the Year.  This honor is a lot like being paid twice to do a job and to do it with people that you just love! 

My nursing began in London, England  many years ago!  There I learned quickly that nursing is a team approach and that compassion is a singular pursuit.  Both are required when nursing the sick, injured and infirm.  It is the drive for excellence that sets the team apart from ordinary nursing.

Education about the art of my nursing practice has always been key.  I believe that as you learn and share that knowledge you enhance the profession.  I have maintained my instructor certifications in hearing, vision and CPR. My students are taught to be “consumers” of their health, to participate, to ask questions at the MD office and understand the answers. They learn how to clean wounds and to apply elastic wraps--life lessons.  It is the best day when they come and share their knowledge with you!

I have worked middle school, high school and as nurse manager.  I have worked with parents so that together we could access care needed by the student. Developed care plans to insure a good continuum of care.  Held regular immunizations clinics at the school for staff, students and the surrounding community.  Mobile mammography units have come to the school- again to service the staff and community.  I have acquired work-out equipment for my office to allow the staff a place to exercise prior to and after the school day.  I maintain records for staff and students that are available for the MD to view at each appointment. Children have been sent to diabetic camps and some are now counselors there! Educational literature, seasonally, is made available for the community. Parent classes as they are requested. Blood drives to support staff families have also been arranged.In short, we are busy nurses who love what we do.  Tooting our own horns is not a natural byproduct of our jobs

Ellen's winning Bio

Congratulations Ellen. We wish you well at State.