New Adolescent Health Observance Month Quick-Guides

The Center for Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health and the State Adolescent Health Resource Center at the University of Minnesota haves created quick-guides for those who want to participate in adolescent-related national health observances, especially when using social media. 

Choose from 26, two-page guides for National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, National Mental Health Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, National Farm Safety and Health Week, and more. A suggestion of best practices is outlined in the User Guide.

Effective Asthma Management at School-Course Announcement

This course teaches school nurses how to implement and sustain an effective asthma management program. It covers improving access to prescribed medications, reducing triggers, facilitating self-management, administering emergency treatment, and building universal program support by educating students, parents, and staff. Principal Faculty are Anita Wheeler, MSN, R.N. and Diane Rhodes, RRT, AE-C, RCP.



Available Toolkits from Voices for Healthy Kids®

Voices for Healthy Kids®, a joint initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and American Heart Association (AHA) works to help all young people eat healthier foods and be more active. Nearly one in three children and teens are overweight or obese. By engaging, organizing, and mobilizing people in communities across the United States, Voices for Healthy Kids will make the healthy choice the easy choice in the places where children live, learn, and play. The vision of Voices for Healthy Kids vision is to see every child with healthy foods and drinks at home and in school, safe streets for biking and walking, and places to play after school. Toolkits are available to help coalitions educate their communities on ways to make this vision a reality.